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Set Top Box In Th

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Looking to get a set top box for in the bedroom. We currently use a small antenna next to the TV now, but the quality we get from that is pretty shitty.

Only really need Ch 3 and Ch 7, but if I'm getting a box anyway might as well try to get some other decent channels. Do want something without monthly fees and I am in an area without cable access so it'll have to include a dish I imagine.


Found this: http://bk.asia-city.com/tech/article/review-bangkok-tv-set-top-box-options


The PSI S-X and IPM HD Pro look decent, but that article is 2 years old.


So, anybody have any experience / recommendations?



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I use PSI.


They came, setup the dish and tuned in the "box".


One price, like 900 Baht or something. Get 100 channels, in digital. Great picture. No monthly fees.


Have been using for three years, no issues.

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