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Windows 10


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The what?


One Drive is Microsoft's Cloud file storage / file hosting service. Basically I keep a copy of all my work documents on "The Cloud" and I can access / modify them from any device with internet access. Think of it as an office based Intranet but without a physical server / Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN). If you have Office Online Business package 1TB of online storage


Unfortunately Windows 10 appears to have issues with synchronising files from remote devices via the cloud and back to main PC, and until such time the bugs are ironed out I will stick with 8.1, jeez I only upgraded from MS 7 Professional (Panthip Special) 3 months ago since my old MS laptop was on its last legs




Much like yourself I work in remote locations, we don't have the comfort of a corporate network and IT support (whatever that is) when far away from the Ivory Towers, in fact I have never been to head office its only 12,000 Km / 6 time zones away, in fact they only recognise my existence one per month when they pay the invoice, not that I am complaining.


Previously Coss and I have been discussing the merits of "Cloud Storage" and my stance has always been not a good idea for primary back up but pretty damn useful for file sharing on the go, the days of going out into the field with a pile of drawings under ones arm or more recently dragging the laptop along are long gone, I have One Drive App on my Tablet and my Phone and it is pretty useful to be able to get phone out of the pocket and to be able to reference documents back in the office.

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Now you mention it I am probably running 8.2, whatever OS came with it. I was hoping 10 would have been released before my old machine bit the dust, but alas it gave up on me and is now resigned to the pile of other dead laptops I never look at the work laptop at weekends prefer my Macbook for social.


Sad isn't it, 35 years ago a set of spanners and screwdrivers was my tool kit nowadays I need a friggin' laptop, the buggers I work for even make me provide my own laptop, its a damn good job they make it worth my while.

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I downloaded Windows 10 from Microsoft web site.

Didn't receive any notice on computer as other here have.


An older Dell XPS 410.

Came with Vista. Upgraded to Windows 7 few years ago.

All went smoothly.

All worked. But, the size on monitor was too "large" or whatever the term is.

After reading a bunch of "stuff" on web, came to conclusion that my graphics card was too old and not Windows 10 supported.

Once I installed a new graphics card - all looks perfect.


Now have to learn all over again where items are.


Added widgets/gadgets. Probably hackable but I don't have anything to hack on this computer other then pictures of naked young firm Thai gals. :surprised:

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