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Consider Me Perplexed - Ais 3G


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I bought an AIS 3G prepaid card the other day and it worked fine. A couple of days ago I noticed that it was coming up close to its usage limit so when my iPad stopped connecting to the internet it was not a surprise.


Next morning I head to the nearby AIS shop and get a refill for about 5GB. I didn't feel like lugging my iPad with me so I had the SIM in my iPhone. After the top up I was able to connect the iPhone to the internet without any issue.


After I got back home, I swapped the SIM card back into the iPad but the internet doesn't work. In the upper left corner of the iPad screen I am seeing a pretty strong AIS 3G signal, but there is no internet access. I've turned off / turned on all sorts of shit like WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular (obviously). Put the iPad in and out of Airplane mode a few times. Rebooted about half a hundred times all to no avail.


I still have the signal meter showing almost full strength, but I think the stupid fucking thing is just mocking me.


Anyone ever experienced this kind of bullshit? So much for "They just work."

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Maybe you purchased a phone plan instead of the data plan ? :dunno: try putting the SIM back in the phone and connect to the AIS site where you can check your current plan,credit etc.If all else fails,take it in to the shop,although IME the staff don`t really know much .

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That's not the problem because I put the SIM in a friend's iPad and it works fine. There is something f'ed up with my iPad but I can't figure out if it's software or hardware related. While messing around with my friend's iPad we put his SIM card in mine and still the same result... Good signal indication but no internet access.


At first thought I'm leaning towards a hardware issue, but the signal indicator throws me off and it works fine on wifi.


F Apple.

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Without seeing your iPad I cannot tell you the issue but ....


There is always a but,


Try it with the SIM in iPhone




on Ipad enable WIFI


Connect to your iPhone and use it as a tethered modem



When overseas thats what I do all the time just one SIM in my iPhone with Talk and Data Plan then tether my iPad to the phone

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