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Step On The Scale — Airline To Weigh Passengers Before Boarding


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...this will be interesting...


Step on the Scale — Airline to Weigh Passengers Before Boarding




It’s not uncommon for an airline to weigh baggage before a flight, but one airline is taking things a step further by weighing passengers.


In a move that will make you say, “Oh, no they didn’t,†Uzbekistan Airways has announced that it will begin pre-flight weighing of passengers on upcoming trips.


While this seems like a bold move, the airline says that weighing passengers is purely a safety precaution. According to the statement, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), requires airlines carry out regular preflight procedures to calculate passenger and carry-on weight.


For those feeling a little self-conscious, the airline has ensured that the recorded weights will be completely confidential. However, the airline does not address what happens if a flight is overweight....

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I was flying from Suva Fiji to Tonga recently, In case you don't know, not a petite bunch of people. At the airport Fiji Airlines walked up and down and picking out three mates of mine, and then (SHOCK) myself, they offered us a free one night holiday in Nadi all meals if we declined to fly as the plane was "overweight".


We all took the offer, however a tiny Indian with us said he'd also take the holiday, "No you'll be fine, you can go on the original flight".


Lucky chap!

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Had that happen to me years ago on a small plane. I they had issues with one plane and it had to turn around.

So when the next flight comes in, there were alot of people waiting for the next flight.

I with the first flight being late missed my flight to Narita.. I'm on the plane and they are looking at me and several other people.

He says seeing how you missed your flight and we have issues here, do you wanna take a taxi to Msp.

I said let me gues, I'm to fat and and too many people. Smiling the whole time. Well you and several others.

Ok, So got a free room/ meals. Plus the cab ride. Thank goodness it way only like 70 miles

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They should just have these out on the tarmac for those weighty fliers.




Could start a trend in some of the more 'hands-on' BBK bars (except the bird would be on her knees inside the bivouac, and sucking for her supper). :p


Star of Light, take note! :applause:


jack :help:


edited to add: actually, judging from the look on the geezer's coupon, maybe there is a bird earning her money in there. :relieved:

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