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"bomb" Explodes In Bangkok


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So the second one was a failed attempt to take lives, or was an explosion meant to sow panic and demonstrate the lack of/need for control in the city? If it was a message, that seems particularly unsuited to jihadist types - they have no interest in economic war. And that these are not suicides, but rather geared to protect the life of the perpetrator further undermines the Muslim angle (drop-n-go, risking that the op fails in order to save the life of the bomber? not very extreme...)


Making a link between the Iranian thing seems pointless - the Iranians were after Israelis, weren't they? And the Iranians are fighting the main Muslim fundamental groups (ISIS, JAN) at the moment, losing more men than we are, certainly - Iran makes no sense. (Wouldn't take much for anyone involved to try to disguise their bomb's source by using the same mm ballbearings in the prior attack). And no claim of responsibility.


Possibly some weird expansion of the southern insurgency, but jeez, it's taken them a damn long time to decide to do anything meaningful in Bangkok - and suddenly, the heavy hit at Erawan, with ruthless casualties? Strange. The attachment to the bomber's life seems more like the southerners at least than like any real jihadist or iranian group... The possible desire to avoid casualties with the second bomb - that would be a domestic instinct, a Thai thing. The two locations don't seem very international - yes, they have tourists, but somehow they don't seem like the meaningful places for people from outside.


I'm thinking local job, access to substantial explosives (I'm guessing - that first blast seemed substantial for a small bomb), a desire to make Thai people believe the country is spinning out of control, perhaps a hesitation to go too far with casualties after the first bomb so they dial back the second. Hm. Only time will tell, and very possibly not even time will reveal the story behind these.

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