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Bomber Identified? Or Is This Bs?


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THE government will provide victims of Monday's bombing up to Bt20,000 for medical bills and Bt200 per day to cover lost earnings, for up to one year, the Rights and Liberties Protection Department said yesterday. The announcement was made in four languages - Thai, English, Chinese and Russian.


Bt30,000 would also be provided to cover other losses and damages, together with Bt600 a day for food and accommodation. Up to Bt50,000 would be given to families who lost someone, with Bt20,000 for funeral rites and Bt30,000 compensation to those injured.


The Tourism and Sports Ministry will provide more - Bt300,000 for deaths, organ damage or disability, and Bt100,000 for medical costs. People hit by delayed trips, cancellations or hardship after the blast would receive Bt2,000 a day for expenses (up to Bt20,000).






"Bt200 per day to cover lost earnings" - less than the minimum wage in LOS

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... A motorcycle taxi driver said in a phone interview aired by Channel 3, a Thai TV station, that he had picked up a man matching the police description at a taxi stand a quarter of a mile from the shrine after the bomb exploded, The New York Times reported early Thursday.


The driver, who gave his name as Kasem, said the man did not speak to him, just walked up and handed him a piece of paper with the words "Lumpini Park" written on it in English. Lumpini Park is a well-populated area in the commercial heart of Bangkok, about two-thirds of a mile from Erawan.


"He had a conversation on the phone," Kasem said. "I don't know what the language is. I don't know, but it is surely not Thai nor English language."


"I didn't see anyone at where I left him," he continued. "It was dark. There are some trees and it's hard to see."



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Thai TV noon news had one of the newscasters going around with a farang...complete photo op!


The farang was going on about how safe Thailand is and how not to let the bombers win!


Would like to see more effort to catch the azz clowns responsible then all the blah-blah-blah and

spin that they are trying to put on everything... :dunno:

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