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Philippines Becomes Regional Star As Gloom Descends Around Asia


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Standees   it's a phenomenon 



City dwellers of a certain residential complex in Manila can rest easy after the shadow of a creepy intruder lurking in a condo unit’s window turned out to be nothing more than a standee of Jin, a member of the ridiculously popular K-pop boyband BTS.

The standee owner, who goes by the handle @snowlight711 on TikTok, shared that she nearly gave neighbors a heart attack after they mistook the shadow of Jin’s standee as an intruder.

The BTS fan shared that her condo building’s administrative staff called her at 11:30pm because residents from the building opposite theirs reported that they were “very concerned and bothered” as they had been seeing a strange man peering from her window for days...



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WTF is a Standee?

STANDEE          a person who stands, especially in a passenger vehicle when all the seats are occupied or at a performance or sporting event.

STANDEE (Standy) DISPLAY (AKA Cardboard Cutout)     a large, self-standing advertising display. Often used to promote movies, products or events, or increasingly for point-of-sale advertising. 

Does nobody use correct English anymore, Malapropism is alive and well.

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