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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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9 hours ago, paul101 said:

Many know Bangkok Pat, nice bloke doing a bit of youtube material, this was enjoyable on washington sq


Thanks, for that -  interesting and a couple of faces from the past, I'd all but forgotten.

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Love the look of the soldiers in the back of a pick up looking at her


During last Thai coup my wife tried to go through the army barracks, a short cut she took everyday


in the morning she bullied the guards to let her through


In the afternoon the pulled out a sergeant who had to explain to who there had been a coup, sorry she hadn't been told, but she can no longer use the barracks as a short cut.


She was very unimpressed

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It's clear the U. of Oklahoma football player was doing the instigating. The 'winner' and his brother know MMA and have done some cage fighting. 

He let his size and thinking he's a major division 1 school athlete think he was going to win and intimidate. 

On another note, I have always wanted to learn enough self defense be it boxing, MMA, whatever, to at least have a chance of defending myself to some extent. I'm too old to be good at it but I would like to learn anyway. 

If I had a child, one of the things among many he/she would learn is some sort of self defense starting at age 7 or 8 for at least a couple years or attain some sort of level. Your child will only bully my child once. :)


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