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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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  • 4 weeks later...
6 hours ago, Mekong said:
8 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

How do you know it's 4K

Palatkik never said it was 4K the posters of the VDO did.

Maybe you should direct you comments to YouTube poster.

If you click on 'watch on youtube.com' and then sit through the few seconds of advertising, before you can dismiss said advertising, you can then play it in full screen on a computer monitor.

Thensely,  click on quality and see if there's 4k available, in the list of screen resolutions there, my viewing of this, could only find, up to 1080p HD,  which was high enough on my computer's Televisual Extravaganza.

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Funny - both of you don't read this time


"How do you know it's 4K" is a reference to youtube being unable at this time to broadcast 4K.


It's pretty pointless even going to 8K


Only basing this on my work with Video Encoders for Digital Cinema (70% of Cinema's using the system I worked on)


Mekong - look up the engineering :)

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Well perhaps MPIH could expand his use of the English language to include a few more words in his next question. Maybe even punctuation like a question mark - " ? "

Then helpful souls like Kong and myself would have crafted answers, more fitting to the question posed, but not asked.

We both took the question at face value.

Kong with the direct question to Palatik, "How do you know?" and myself with the extension, 'how to know if it's 4K' ...

Further, I know many do  and I have too, shot video in 4k which is surely not yet displayed as 4k on utube, but is utilised in other parts of the universe that are not utube.

Certainly, footage shot in 4K downsampled to 1080p, is superior to that shot in 1080p in many instances and even some movies I view in Kodi at SD, when originally released in 4K seem to be as good as 1080p, despite being SD.

Hope that was helpful.

Do not hesitate to follow up, with a question that asks what is required, rather than being vague reference to an unstated position.

See, I did all that on a full keyboard with 8 fingers, 2 thumbs and a 30" monitor, 2 x 24" monitors,  powered by a Mac with 2 x 4 core processors and a further 8 virtual cores resulting in 16 effective cores. This system not only runs Mac OS X but also Windows inside Bootcamp to allow me to fly DCS World and shoot up things from a variety of planes. And form full sentences.

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