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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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For those that are interested, the new Avatar trailer:

At my age I see this as more of a kids movie.

However as one who is interested in computer/graphics/movie/making/watching,  this is fascinating.

Amazing how far the tech has come recently.

I'm still waiting for someone to offer a convincing 3D solution (not necessarily for this movie) that doesn't depend on hype.



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My old company I worked for spent a fortune in 3D, waste of money


People with glasses and motion sickness just spoil it for everyone else :)


I have seen an amazing 3D display that was directional 


The view depended on where you stood or sat in relation to the screen, 


Your watching the tv, a person drive in from left and parks the car, 


As he opens the door, those on the left side of the room can see into the car, on the right side of the room those could not, just the car door blocking the view,


Was amazing, super expensive, was managed by using masses of tiny cones for the screen, which pointed in different directions to offer diffferent views

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I heard once of an idea, that involved two or more separate laser beams, that were invisible to the viewer, but when they intersected in the air, that point, could produce a spark of light, the functional equivalent of a pixel.

Cupla million of these and different colours and a refresh rate and you have virtual screen.

Whether to not it could be utilised for more than one person's view,  I don't know. Also I don't know if the idea is being followed or developed.

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