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You Have Baby - Said The Cute Thai Gal

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Decades ago while wandering thru one of the hotel lobbies near Nana/Sukhumvit.

A cute gal in passing states to me - "You have baby."

Well a tad overweight at the time.


So far I have lost 40 pounds. Took a few years. A little at a time. I now have a BMI of 28. Still overweight but still going down.


I'll be happy if I get to 14 stone. Still overweight but not by that much.


First I cut out all sugar. Specially the soda. Cola, Pepsi, etc.

Gave up most alcohol a long time ago. Still have a Heineken now and then. But few and far between.

Cut out as many carbohydrates as possible.


Now I have to worry about my pants falling down.

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