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Called In For Questioning - No More Free Entries Past 6 Times In A Year!?


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so I was called in for questioning at don muang immi office instead of stamped in along with a few other esteemed western gentlemen supposedly 'flagged' by the very same immigration officer late last friday :(


not a perfect way to start a well earned holiday but at least a few minutes clarification should be able to sort the mistake I though?


the other guys seem to have given in to the idea that we rather pay up and apply another type of visa & were thus told that this was the last time they would be allowed in for free (this year)!


however as I do not see any other visa would suit me better & do not see why 35 entries in current passport/few years should raise any flag?

I do not work

I don't live with wife/gf.

I'm not a terrorist (where is the terrorist visa category anyway?)?


Well more than 1 hour wasted until finally they seem to give in & let me thru without any conditions/flagging of no more subsequent free visits, but be warned for the real visa run abusers its gonna be tough sailing these days ;)

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Many of the visa-runners are illegally working in Thailand. The Immi people can see that is someone spends

the vast majority of their time in Thailand and is a consistent visa-runner, this is a red flag!


I have known people that overstayed for almost 30 years! I have known people that have worked illegally

in Thailand for many decades.

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I worked for a short time once with a company that placed teachers in schools. I soon discovered that about half of their teachers were not qualified and were living on monthly visa runs. Some had been doing it for years. I decided I should find another job on my own and got out of there as fast as I could.

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