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Lost Files


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Lost file actually.


An Excel file, which is important to me.


I was using it on Sunday night (on PC) and on Monday evening it was gone, vanished?!


I did have a problem with Excel not responding that night which I think was due to my Photoshop Organizer using up all my laptops memory.


I checked my recycle bin in case I'd deleted it by mistake but not there.


Unfortunately I have not done a backup for a while!


I really want this file back so any ideas / software for recovery suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Thanks Baa99, I do have autosave enabled and was expecting the Document Recovery panel to pop up but it didn't! This file is just gone?!

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Try this program: https://www.piriform.com/recuva


It allows you to recover files that have been deleted (even from the recycle bin) as long as they have not yet been overwritten by other data.




Thanks KS, I tried this (free version) but it came up with absolutely nothing?!

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