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NEWS Flight attendant reportedly made almost $1 Million having sex with passengers



An air hostess reportedly earned around £650,000 over a two year period by having sex with plane passengers in the toilet.

The scale of the woman's 'business' only came to light when she was caught in the lavatory recently, and she was subsequently sacked.


It is reported that she was working for an airline in the Middle East.


A source speaking to the Saudi Arabic language daily Sada said: 'She admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States.'

Airline sources believe the woman charged £1,500 (Dh7,400) for the mile high liaison, an amount she earned on every flight.


The airline has not been named specifically, but Sada has reported that the flight attendant was immediately sacked.





On the bright side, at least she didn't get stoned to death.



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Its hard to think of a place less suited to a romantic liason than an airline toilet. Also the flights that I`ve been on over the last few years there seems to be a permanent 3-4 person queue waiting to get in.....maybe she had a special reserved toilet for that purpose :grinyes:

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The problem is there are people around, that read this on the internet and believe this load of shit .... :)


completely - can you imagine what it's going to be like to be an air hostess on arab airlines for the next few months? every filthy fantasy those fuckers have had for years suddenly has validation - they ARE all prostitutes, just waiting for a boob grab or ass slap to open the negotiations...


I have a lot of sympathy for the women who do this work - their patience is fucking amazing.

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US flights? I prefer Amtrak.


And live outside the US, thankfully. Anytime I take a US flight, it's just the last leg after transatlantic or transpacific flights - a little reminder of how pleasant it is to fly with the ladies of EVA, Cathay, even Royal Jordanian!

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