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Holydays On The Tung Wualaen Beach - A Day On The Beach

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Charly's beach life at Hat Tung Wualaen


I have been 14 days now on this lonesome beach.

Only on the weekends a lot of local Thais come with their cars and Pick-ups to the beach.

I invite you to spend with me a day on the beach.

It is a normal day in the week. Early afternoon. Lonely and abondened presents itself the beach.It is somewhat hazy,

but the sun passes through.




A view to the south





A view to the north


Palm trees swaying in the onshore wind





After lunch in a restaurant on the beach some teenager have fun on the beach. They take pictures with their smartphones.




My office on the beach. My working place. It is time for a break. It is time for lunch.


a fantastic Thai soup with rice





On Tuesdy 27. of October I'll be back in Krung Thep.

On Thursday 29. of October at about 7.45 in the morning I'll be in Nong Khai.

I hope to meet their boardmember Dumsoda.



Live from the Hat Tung Wualaen - Chumpon

Bakwahn alias Nasiadai

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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If you are going the beach waters do b aware of the BOX JELLY FISH... THAT ARE SWARMING THIS YEAR.

I am a long time ocean water sports man.... A good friend of mine a Farang was swimming down in Prachuap Kirikhan and go hit by one

and its been very very serious-IT takes months to recover and people die

He is a very healthy large strong man-


Pas Auf then have a hell of a good time

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I dont have much time. At 9.30 pm goes my bus bringing me back to Bangkok after lazy and relaxed 15 days on the beach.


Well, well, nightlife. At the northern end of the beach there are 2 bars: V-BAR and the SABAI SABAI BAR.

I cannot give many informations about these bars because lack of time. It is interesting and tragic!

A catastrophe happened for the V-Bar; i.e.for the Thai lady married with a New Yorker.


I avoid the Sabai-Bar because there is an elder Frenchman (and his Thai wife) and his French son, maybe 30 years old.

I dont like the French, because they dont belong to the euro zone because of their weakening economy.

The Euro crashed down to 38 Baht the last days. It is horrible! If we had a North-Euro together with Austria, Holland, Finnland

and finally my country Deutschland I would get 55 – 60 Baht! That is a difference.


The weak mediterrenean countries: leave the Euro! Go!!!!! Get off!!!!


On most evenings I was the only customer in the bar.

Sometimes a handful of Thai guys came together with their girls. That was always fun.

When they came we had a funny and great evening together.




The V-Bar on the Beach-road in the midday sun.





You see me in the V-Bar with my San Mig light. 80 Baht.

Leo beer was 60 and Singha 70 Baht.





20 m across the street is the Sabai-bar; a Thai lady boss married with that French guy.


On one evening the lady boss of the Sabai bar celebrated her birthday. I started drinking in the V-bar – me being the only guest-,

but after some San Mig light I went over to the birthday party. There were about 20 people – Thais and Farlangs.

I was greeted loudly and warmly. That lady and her eldest daughter (26 - Thai) like me very much.

They have taken me into their hearts. Can you say that in English?

I cannot present any images.

Suddenly 2 Thai girls came with their motorbike. 32 – 35 years; no boyfriends, no husbands.

They were greeted and after some minutes they started flirting with me and I had a great evening with the girls.

Their English was ok., and we chatted and laughed many hours. We had fun.

Suddenly there was the opportunity! You know what I mean.

Me being a man of advancing years, an ageing boy, and handicapped by a stroke with devastating consequences I let it go at that.

Besides, I was drunk We had an exciting flirt. Wonderful evening.

I cannot present pictures. Sorry! It's not allowed, and I accept this rule.





Me being drunk and happy hahahahaha


Live from Chumpon. 7 pm local time.

Bakwahn alias Nasiadai

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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I know the beach for 20 years now. I came here for the first time in 2538 Buddhist year = 1995.

When I prepared my next holidays in January / February 1995 I looked at the map and I had my travel guides beside me.

I was looking for a lonesome beach, no tourists, where I can spend some quite and relaxing days together with a girl.

I decided for Chumpon; all my German travel books recommended this beach for relaxed days.


It was a good decision. For 20 years now the same bangalow park, Seabeach Bungalow.

A friendly Thai family who owns and manages the bungalow complex.

I am always treated courteously and warmly. I am a VIP 55555555

In all these years I brought a girl with with me. Many a year the same girl, sometimes another, a new one. All my girls were handpicked!

Carefully chosen by me. They were friendly, polite, charming, had good manners; a girl you can bring home and introduce to your parents.

All my girls were accepted – were all agreed – by the bungalow family and by everyone we met along this beach, regardless of whether local,

Thai holidaymaker or Farlang or farlang couple.


For example this one. She was one of my best. Khun MoDaeng. Never forget her.


A poo-ying suai mak mak and a fisher man's boat. And this girl was mine!




This guy with his wonderful house – an American lawyer, I know for 20 years now - he experienced a terrible catastrophe!

Yes, there happened two big horrible stories here on this beach. In both cases two Americans play the leading role, the chief part.


Guys, enough for one go. We go now with my Thai family to the area of Sanam Luang. Wat Mahatat, Lak Muang etc.

I am looking forward to see this beautiful places again.


Stay tuned. There is more to come.

Live from Bangkok, Don Muang district – in the north, 10 am local time.


Kalle - Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Buffalo Bill, Khun Waerth


dear fellows, I don't know what are your jibes, your disguised digs, are good for?

They are bad jokes only; nobody can laugh about!

I have nothing to do with VW! I have been driving a VW Polo some years ago. That's all!


I have just arrived in Nong Khai by the nighttrain.

Boardmember Dumsoda picked me up at the trainstation and we went to his little guesthouse and restaurant.

It is near the river Mekong.

I feel fine here.


Guys, enough for one go.

Stay tuned. There is more to come.

Live from Nong Khai, 9 in the morning local time.

Kalle - Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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