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Worst Hotels In Thailand?

Fiery Jack

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I would avoid the Nana just because of that weird and unpleasant smell in the rooms,like a mixture of damp carpets and stale cig. smoke.Reception staff seemed ok,but then this war 10 + yrs ago.On a plus point every taxi driver knows where the Nana is.Perhaps we could have a thread on the worst hotels in Thailand.I have a couple that readily spring to mind,much worse than the Nana. :hug::santa:


Google for 'worst hotel in Thailand': step forward the Royal Parkview Hotel Bangkok! :applause:




But Google for 'worst hotel in Bangkok': hello Ambassador Hotel! :hmmm:




I stayed at the former once, and it was probably shit (can't remember, :drunk: but the word 'once' might well be a clue). Never stayed at the latter so can't comment. :shhh:


jack :help:

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Checked into a hotel in the suburbs, it was the only one in the area.


The entrance was hanging plastic strips, so that people could ride their moto straight in. And they did. There were four floors, a man in a window on the ground floor served me. Three couples arrived whilst I checked in, the guy stopped serving me and dealt efficiently with the others, as a diversion from the onerous task that I presented.


Eventually, I was directed to the 4th floor, I struggled up the narrow stairs, sideways at times. My room was small, the air con was tepid and the room was filthy. There was nowhere else for miles, so I bit the bullet and stayed.


At night, every surface, had glowing on it, some sort of small stains, eery blue from the black-lights in the bar complex, across the narrow street from my window. Looking out from my window, there were winsome lasses in the beer bar, some twenty feet away, so I left the room for a visit. Beer Ha Noi was only $1.


Hang on, that was Vietnam.

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:) Best trip report this month!


Worst hotel, any of the many short time hotels that litter Thailand from tip to toe. It's amazing just how many short time hotels this country has, all rented by the hour,


Proving of course that Thais love sex with someone else, are at ease with short time fucking, and that they have no desires for quality, a bed and a wash bason is all they need.


Stay at one of these place for the evening, as I have done, makes the Bangkok garbage Dump look like an attractive proposition

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I've stayed at the Ambassador a few times, for seminars. The last time, early this year, was the LAST time.


Sometime Saturday evening, they lost the aircon plant for the entire complex. I was in a tower room. The room was very uncomfortable Saturday night, bad enough that the Sweet Young Thing and I couldn't really do much of anything without overheating. We went downstairs for breakfast early. By Sunday morning 8 AM, the room was completely uninhabitable. They were CLAIMING they had it fixed. Right. When I protested, the only thing they could do was offer to move me to a room in the main wing. Right.


I was scheduled to move over to Royal President at noon. I called them shortly after 8 AM, explained the situation, and asked if they could get me in. The desk clerk said "Let me check something", went away for a moment, then said "Yes, come on over." They moved heaven and earth to get me into a room as soon as I arrived. Housekeeping got there to deliver the final towels a few minutes after I was in the room, still talking with the bellman, explaining that I'd been attending a seminar at the Ambassador, and I'd previously missed talking with the other attendees at breakfast.


I'm attending another seminar at the Ambassador in January (49 days out). This time, I'm just staying at Royal President the whole time.


The Ambassador isn't that bad, but they don't know how to recover when they drop the ball.


The biggest delay I had getting to Royal President was that I got stuck behind a couple of Arabs who were bitching out the desk clerks about the aircon problems. The desk clerks couldn't do anything about it, and they didn't have anyone else to handle any other customers trying to check out.


And that's another thing. The Ambassador is VERY popular with the Middle Eastern trade. This is not a good thing (although it is occasionally good for humor value). They've also discovered Royal President, but Royal President is enough smaller, and out of the way of the nightlife, that they aren't inclined to take it over.

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I keep saying I should try Grand President, but they're a bit more expensive than Royal President, for slightly smaller rooms, and Royal President has been taking very good care of me for YEARS.


It is HARD to walk away from a place, when the first thing I hear when I step out of the cab is a hearty "Welcome back!" from the bellman, and it is echoed by just about every staff member I know over the next day or so as they see me.

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My candidate for worst hotel would be a place in Mair Sai ( hate the place,only went to get a visa stamp ),name withheld to protect the guilty :grinyes: .Room tiny,tv not working,hot water,not working.Only stayed there because I couldn`t be bothered to walk round looking for something better.On a separate issue,the place I used to check into for the first couple of nites in Pttya after arrival ,changed hands and demanded a 500 bt deposit as well as the room fee for just one nite.WTF :surprised: .When renting for a few months it seems reasonable to ask for 1 month rent deposit + 1 month rent up front,but not for 1 nite.Hope this isn`t the start of a new trend.

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