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Fiery Jack

Are You A Man Who Cannot Get A Woman Without Purchasing One?

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Last night, in the end I couldn't even get a woman by paying, and I was in the heart of the post-paid pussy jungle in Bangkok! Sometimes things just don't line up right, and you can end up dragging yourself home alone...


Perhaps some have found themselves in a similar position... What's your advice on finding an urgent last-minute companion in the wee and morning hours?


Roger that one. :up: I have walked that road, more often of late than of yore. :hmmm: I suspect that we are singing from a similar heathen hymn sheet, sir. :beer:


The lunatic rogues' gallery/umpteenth circle of purgatory locals know as 'Nana Car Park' :neener::elephant::bang::easter::_pumpkin::drinking::doah: has been my solace and salvation more than once... :clown:


Home alone. Almost. A very cute little angel-faced page-cut bottle-blonde in a red dress outside Nana car park asks me how I am as I brush past. For once, I am honest. I tell her I am sad and alone. Five minutes later, in my room, I realise she is a lot less attractive than when first I met her, and a hell of a lot older than I remember her being all those seconds before in the darkness. That's what time does, I suppose. She may well be thinking much the same about me. We shower and shag and it's amicable and lovely. She's cheerful and cuddly. This makes me happy, I realise. I could spend some time with this type of person, but of course I don't and I won't. She leaves once I've huffed and puffed and shot the paste. I can't remember how much she asked for or how much I gave her. I can't remember her name. Maybe I never even asked her. But I look for her after that every night in the area around Nana. She's never there. :shakehead



jack :help:

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