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Purchased a new but jailbroken Amazon Fire TV receiver/box. Kodi was placed on it before purchase.


All sorts of interesting networks, channels, TV, movies, documentaries, news, youtube TV stations, etc.

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Well I think Kodi is great, or at least it could be, unfortunately just about everything I've ever tried to do with it ends in failure. Either the add-on is broken and wont install or even when I get that working and access a nice long list of movies they are all unavailable due to broken links or whatever. So far it's an almost useless source of movies to me. At least through YIFY I get to download the torrent and can be pretty sure the movie will download.


Of course I might be doing something wrong.

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I have an interesting relationship with Kodi, I think it's before it's time.


On the one hand the movies work for me really well (Phoenix, Genesis, 1Channel, Ice Films etc)


On the other hand I'm having a lot of trouble getting anything like a satisfactory experience with the Music side.


Movies: I use a mix of streaming and of ones I've torrented. The streaming comes in handy for new releases which don't appear in the torrent lists and the downloaded files I get for movies that are good enough that I'll watch them again on the future. The interface for finding the movies in the streaming add ons, seems to be adequate. The Kodi interface for the downloaded files is great with a scraper going off and getting cover art and synopses and grouping sequels together etc.


Photos: there's a good database add-on that does what you need with the photos, but they should be foldered and organised before hand.


But even if I organise the MP3s I can't find a decent way of displaying and playing Music.


There's a new version of Kodi out soon, 16 I think and given their admitted troubles with Kodi on Android (I have an M8 box) I'm hoping they clean up the music side.


I really like Kodi and the M8 box, it allows me to do buckets more than an Apple TV would, but I do miss the Apple ecosystem, where everything "Just works" - buggering around with Android and Kodi reminds me that some computer code is not as good as some other computer code and then it breaks.


I still use a MacBook Pro, iPad mini and iPhone for the rest of my life, but as soon as I get a new laptop, this one's gonna get repurposed as a Kodi whore and run my media.

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