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I Laid Nep To Rest, Finally And Forever

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Just had a month on the ground, mostly in Pattaya but with a lengthy (ish) stay, there was no need to burn the candle at both ends every single day. As to costs, I went with the paraphrased Alcohol Anonymous line that I should only concern myself with the prices I could do something about and not sweat the prices I could not change. Thus, as drink prices and BFs are not controlled by the girls, then I didn't concern myself with their rates. However, if the remuneration committee was taking the piss, I just moved on.


All in all I found it an enjoyable way to not concern myself with higher prices though I admit I did not have a budget and knew every price was well within my grasp. Had I been travelling more frugally, it would have been different; quite simply, I would not have travelled at all !

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...there are always those millionaires for a week coming to Thailand! but more and more go to Pattaya...

I only hire from the beer bars in Pattaya and I don't know if it's my "Couldn't give a fuck" attitude since I've been here.

I go for a couple of long weekends a month and I say "1500LT,take it or leave".

I usually get what I want,especially when they may get two or three days work out of it.

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I arrived on Tuesday 5. January in Bkk. I spent the evening at NEP. I made a long and intensive tour of the bars at NEP.

I started in the Lucky Luke Bar at 6.30 pm, watching the girls (and dozens of Kathoeys) entering the plaza.

I began my barhopping at 8 pm. I list the bars that I visited.


* Sexy Nights, first floor, left

* Spankys, first floor, left, the first bar

* Billboard / ex Carousel, second floor, left

* London Calling / ex Hollywood Rock, ground floor, right

* Rainbow IV, ground floor, right

* Bangkok Bunnies, ground floor, left

* Suckers, ground floor, left.



Beverages: beer, lemonade, water etc. between 120 ---> 170 Baht

Ladydrinks: I can not remember exactly, but the prices are 170 to 180 Baht.

Barfines: 600 to 700 Baht

Short time: 3000 Baht

Long time: 5000 Baht


At 2.15 am in the night I left the plaza and went back to my hotel.


I was pretty drunk and at the same time sobered, disillusioned, disenchanted.


NEP is commercialized and professionalized.

Who can pay these prices?


I spent round about 6000 Baht for beverages and lady drinks.

No barfine, no girl.

6000 Baht. That means about 168 Euro, ca. 180 US-Dollar.


Bottom line:

For me, NEP is dead, died, too expensive, commercialized and professionalized. Finish!

That night I laid NEP to rest, finally and forever.



Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf


try the quasi freelancer clubs if you're out that late nasidai -- bangkok beat, climax, etc. A little more relaxed and enjoyable and a little less feeling like you're in an assembly line with female workers coming up to punch their ticket and collect a drink.

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JailBirdz is the booming place in Nana right now. Happy hour 8 to 10 PM, most drinks 99 baht. It gets "lively" the later it gets. It's supposed to be doing business than some of the ground floor bars now, even though it's all the way at the top.


But yes, overall NEP has become too expensive. You can get a freelancer "aw nigh" for what the BGs want for a short time. :p

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When I find myself in an expensive toyland place like Nana, I enact my 'Iceberg Slim' strategy. I was reading his autobiography and he inspired me. For those of you who possibly don't know who he is - he was the most successful pimp in US history - instigating almost as a by thought, that rap mega-star pimping culture.


Well I'll pull your coat tails man, and give you the real dope. Whatcha need to do is find a girl with that managerial presence and spark and then that's the clever thing - you don't pimp her, you get her to pimp for you! Thanks Iceberg Slim!!!

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Been frequently going to NEP the last 15 years.

Not so often, but once in a blue moon, and when out of town visitors come to Thailand and want to see the place.


The place has changed so much, any regulars who has not been there for a few years will hardly recognize it.

There is this cold greedy cloud over the entire place.

One of the members here described it correctly as Assembly lines.

A bit automatic, robots.

More and more of the bars have been changed in to Ladyboy bars.

And the music...oh the music.....!

The music is played for the dancers, so any customer (including myself at Spellbound) are basically told to fuck off if we want music for the age group 40+, and find anther bar.

You buy a girl a drink, and she sits there like a robot with the same idiot questions, and before you can even answer, she is off to dance again.

The entire soi 4 is crowded with extremely aggressive ladyboys.

Agree with the members here suggesting the bars where the freelancers hang out.

And then we have plentiful of social websites and Apps to pick girls.

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That's why I mentioned Jailbirdz. It's like the Nana bars used to be 10 or 20 years ago. It's about the only one you can say that about now. :(


I'm intrigued by your praise of Jailbirdz. I myself have not been inside Nana Plaza for about three years now (though I frequent Hillary 4, Bar 4, etc., and Cowboy and soi 22 when I'm in town). Could you be more specific about what makes it like bars 10-20 years ago? Fun attitude on the part of the girls, I hope? May have to give it a try.

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