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Mid-Air Thefts


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South African Airways (SAA) has blacklisted a passenger amid reports that gangs of thieves are operating 30,000 feet in the air on its flights.


Passenger Warren Becker told local media that jewellery and $1,800 (£1,300) in cash was stolen from his bag while he slept on a flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong last month.


SAA says there is a suspicion that a crime syndicate is targeting the route.


Three such thefts occurred over as many weeks in December, a spokesman added.

In 2014, there were thefts of $2.6m on flights to Honk Kong, according to official police figures.

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SAA - a troubled airline. As is O.Tambo a problem airport.

Three thefts from my luggage . Still investigating - now years later.

Stopped SAA and now ONLY use Emirates or Singapore Airlines.

I depart out of King Shaka International.


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Biggest thieves in the USA are the TSA bunch!


They have stolen and broken more items in my checked luggage and when I file a complaint,

it is always..."...we are not responsible..."


Bullshit...you go in my luggage, without just cause, you steal and break items...you are fucking responsible!!!

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