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Apple V Fbi

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Dean   The fact that you forget passwords is not Apple's fault but your own, now just because Mr Dean of Middle America happens to forget his own password don't expect Apple to change their policy b

Personally I think this is all a big beat up. Kind of smoke and mirrors. I reckon ISP companies smart phone manufacturers etc have been doing deals with governments for a long time. I don't believe Ap

If only it were that simple. Governments are made up of people - and people often have their own agendas. People may be dishonest, corrupt.etc. Citing the war on terror has become this big catch-al

Seems they cracked it already. Or did Apple cower behind closed doors?


The method (I gather) was copy the contents of the flash memory (The bit that stores everything) - automate the password trying, every time the limit number of "trys" is reached, re-copy from the copy - ad infinitum.


Brute force but doable.


I'm not sure if this model phone has 4 or 6 digit password, but once automated the 'doable' should be less than a couple of weeks.

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FBI has always been able to crack the Apple 5, they did so in another USA case, do a search for "Djibo Case".


What people misunderstand is the FBI asked Apple to make a piece of software so that the FBI could always crack any Apple, without Apples consent.


Do note, that Apple, Google, Yahoo have ALL complied in the past with Court Orders, and provided assistance. The reason for Apples refusal was being ordered to make software to always crack Apple, which they felt (rightly) could eventually escape into the more public domain.


Few people remember that "TOR" was originally developed by USA Navy, and then "somehow" went into public domain.

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