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Question About Form Tm.8 - Application For Re-Entry


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I'm filling out this form at home with a PDF mark up program.


At the bottom there are questions about my current visa. The actual visa is at this time in my old passport and I will hopefully have it (or some kind of an equivalent) transferred into my new passport when I turn in this form.


The form asks for details: Previous Visa Issued at:_______ Date: _______


The original visa they have been working off to give extensions and re-entry permits was issued by Thai Consulate in Los Angeles in 2011. Is that what goes on the form or Jomtien and the date they last issued extension or re-entry.



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A VISA is paste-in decal, issued by a diplomatic post of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is meaningful only at an entry point into Thailand, in that it determines the type of ENTRY PERMIT that is issued to the traveler. A VISA cannot be extended - all VISAS have a fixed and unchangeable expiration date, which applies unless the VISA is voided earlier by traveler having used up the specified number of entries permitted by that VISA.


An ENTRY PERMIT is an ink stamp placed into a passport by an Immigration officer - either at entry point into Thailand, or at an Immigration office. And ENTRY PERMIT can be extended innumerable times, until the end of your life, if you meet extension criteria.


gawguy - in your case, they are asking about the diplomatic post outside of Thailand, at which you received your last VISA (and its issue date), from which your original ENTRY PERMIT was issued - that being the ENTRY PERMIT that has been repeatedly extended since 2011.




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