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Another Darwin Award Applicant


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Fake it most definitely is, indeed. The problem is based on real shit I have seen I would not consider that necessarily to be the case. The world is full of fuckwits as the real Darwin awards clearly show. So who's to say, my guess is there are individuals (people seems to be a bit of a stretch(sic)) who have actually tried this.


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Headphones, a bike reflector, a phone, and cash: The bizarre items doctors found in VAGINAS in 2017 (and the things MEN needed removing)



A US Medical Database Kept Tabs On All The Items Removed From Butts In 2017




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Newlywed plunges to her death while jumping for birthday photo

'nuther one

A memorable photo turned into a tragic death after a woman plunged 100m off a cliff.  Newlywed Jolandi le Roux was celebrating her 31st birthday last Sunday evening on top of a high cliff in Cape Town, South Africa when she decided she wanted to take a photo of herself leaping in air as if she was leaping over the sun, the Sun reports.  But she tripped when landing at Lookout Pt and fell down the cliff, landing in a dead tree at the bottom.


so where's the photo?

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