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Hotels In Bangkok Thailand


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That place has giant rooms, multi-room suites - GIANT! - nice wooden floors, big balconies, washing machine, giant bed, it's excellent. I don't know what they expect guests to do with the large empty closet room, but someday I'll find a use for it. The drawback there is currently the weak room service choices - new restaurant is no good, I say.


And yes, it can be loud, even 20+ floors up - but with Q-bar closed that has improved for the moment. They are usually my arrival day choice - airport taxi to hotel, shower-beer-bourbon and fresh change of clothes, and then bars. (Though I am virtually alone, it seems to me, in having this lifestyle in that hotel - mainly Indian tourists these days, I'd say, but they look not askance at my 10 am stumble-in parties...) Value for money, absolutely. And you get a newspaper in the morning, usually - or can easily borrow your neighbors.


My fullest agreement on all accounts . The empty room I use for storage of suitcase amd other ; I do not like visible luggage in hotel rooms , it makes an ambience that looks somewhat temporary while for example my deep love for Pam is already eternal .



And as we are at it : other than the permanent prophecies of all sort of doomsday fortune tellers say there are hidden gems all over the place . I am talking about a small soi to your right after you left Frazer Suites direction Sukh . This alley leads into Soi 1(?) later on and at the very beginning is an original Thai massage shop with strictly medical treatments . A hole in the wall but where I located a wonderful therapist who is actually part of my decision for Frazer Suites because madame insisted that I come again to see her . A pleasure ; for both I may add .

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My Pams are temporary, while my suitcases are by all reasonable analysis the most nearly-permanent elements of my life - a pair of Samsonites, one or the other of which has always been in my hotel rooms, temporary flats and work compounds. By 'always', I mean since 2000 or so - basically since I turned in my backpack for a more dignified mobility support system.


Anyone done the Centrepoint Pratunam top-floor Presidential Suites? An outdoor shower 25 or so floors above Petchburi is well worth the very modest pricetag. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else up there - feel I'm the only one that knows about those rooms; maybe it was all in my mind. Shared the shower and bed up there one time with a very diligent, energetic and cooperative young lady from a disco that - nearly - persuaded me that I had finally attained the experience that would obviate any further need for continued butterfly-style activities... after her, why continue?!


And yet, I keep on...

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Last time I was in Bkk I stayed at S15. Not a bad hotel at all althouhg I don't know if they are guest friendly.

Before I have stayed at The Key, SilQ and UNO, all on soi 19. I used to stay at City Lodge on soi 19 but it is now gone.

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4* Zircon Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand for only $25 USD per night




Stay at the 4* Zircon Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand for only $25 USD per night.



Zircon Hotel



Bangkok, Thailand



Availability from October 2017 to January 2018 (excluding Christmas/New Year)


Example dates:

25th-29th Oct

27th-30th Nov

15th-17th Dec

12th-16th Jan

29th-31st Jan


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