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Microsoft Accused Of Windows 10 Upgrade 'nasty Trick'

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The SOBs pulled this on me the other day. Before I knew what was happening, Windows 10 started downloaded! I rebooted, but when it came back it started loaded once again. I finally pulled the plug on the PC and went shopping. I booted up when I came back, and I'd got rid of it. I DON'T WANT WINDOW 10. Get that into your heads, Micro$oft.






Things like this tend to make you want bad things happen to certain people. :angryfire:

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It got me over the weekend.


I'm now running Windows 10.


I am NOT impressed.


As far as I am concerned, Microsoft has consented to remodeling of their corporate headquarters. Using tactical nuclear weapons as earthmovers.

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Got word of two machines that I help take care of doing just this over the last week.

A little googling and a team viewer connection and I was able to roll back both to Windows 7 then insert a couple of registry hacks that both ensure it doesn't happen again and got rid of the nag icon in the system tray.


It's worth a bit of effort to search on this and do it yourself. Really it's not that hard.


You've got 30 days from the upgrade to go back and after July when the free upgrade program expires it will likely go away by itself.







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This pisses me off as well. I too have no desire to switch to Windows 10 (it's running on some machines in the office and I don't like it). I think I've already done the necessary to prevent this, but I'll check out those links and make sure.



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