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Ai And An Interesting Read.

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Ahh ... Artificial Intelligence as it is now known as, Neural Networks and "Fuzzy Logic" has been a pet subject of mine for over 30 years now.


The possibilities are endless, back in 1985 it was all hypothetical restricted by processing power, but following Moore's Law I reckon positive results will be demonstrated by 2020 - 2022


Self Driving Vehicles etc is something visible to "The Masses" but Artificial Neural Networks have been looked into, and successfully implemented in industry, for at leat 2 decades now.


Geek, Moi? haha ... I not only understand this, but also manage to fill my rice bowl from it, hamed knows his shit



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Lost me at pages 4 and 5, too much math looking stuff.


My interest is in whether or not Ai keeps us around as pets. Sci Fi has often become factual over the years as many will know.

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