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Brexit And The British Expat

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Associating supporting Brexit with following Trump is patently absurd logic. How about this - Kanye West loves his dogs. My friend loves his dogs. My friend must share Kanye Wests views and be infl

Boardmembers unpatiently awaiting the UK becoming great again and " getting their balls back " should closely follow potential Prime Minister Johnson´s brilliant concept . Which is to be published as

Oh so Television, Telephone, Internet, Steam Power, Automation and so forth just happened, Radar was a fluke etc now wonder us little Britons tell the rest of the world to fuck off, society can survi

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Imagine a United States of America, where each state become a country with their own sovereignty, no longer a cohesive entity, but a squabbling morass of independent self interest, declaring war on each other weekly...



Rather silly comparison if you don't mind me saying, the states of the USA were never independent nations in the first place, more akin to the English county's and shires, only on a grander scale.

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The British pound is in freefall as the Brexit vote looks set to win the EU Referendum. In the last five minutes it has fallen 8 per cent against the US dollar.

The crash is now the largest in modern history and has exceeded the fall known as Black Wednesday in 1992 when the UK was forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

Currency markets and stock exchanges have reacted badly to the news.


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It looks like the voters have chosen BREXIT over BUGGERED. :)


"Editors have been hastily reworking their front pages overnight, as early predictions of a Remain vote gave way to increasingly firm forecasts for Brexit." - BBC


And the currency markets have their knickers in a bind over people not doing what they're supposed to. The Trilateral Commission et al. must be furious at this peasant revolt. I'd love to eavesdrop on their rants right now.


Can't say that life isn't exiting right now.

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Fantastic result....well done to all the Brexiteer voters




Agreed . Complaining and cherrypicking finally are over . Boris will explain you on Monday how he will lead Britain into the better future . Brexit supporters should now start to read the fine ptint , for example access conditions to the Common Market which Britain largely depends on .

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