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Spyware For Iphone 6S

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While in Samoa recently, I warned a mate not to use his I-Phone on the hotel wifi network, it wasn't safe.


hahahaha - it's an apple, no one hacks them


Factory wipe later, he got the same bug I discovered (and didn't get) where the ad's on web pages got highjacked, his passwords changed,



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Not everything is spyware but could be construed as such at times.

Yes, it is too easy to install (and hide) applications. I use Android, but I guess as long as the phone is not 'rooted' or 'jailbroken' a full factory reset should remove the offending software.In most cases.

I installed a anti-theft program on the phone of my then mia noy as it was a fairly expensive one, and showed her (and some friends and neighbours) how I could locate the phone on google maps without the user being aware the phone was being accessed. I *could* also download all the contacts and messages if I had so wished but didn't.

I can still find that phone's location today..

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Last Christmas I was given an iPhone 6s by the current bed warmer.



Perhaps akin to being given a lovely ankle bracelet by the FBI... or Fido getting a collar and leash from his best friend/owner...


(No offense I hope, bust - just noting the possibilities a gifted phone may represent - I'm sure there are those on the board who have done the reverse, giving accessible/trackable phones to their suspect ladies... Too easy in this day and age...)

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BB.. everything is relative.


Anyway she got to keep the phone and while I may have perhaps been rather generous during the time I spent with her, they were happy times while they lasted and I have no regrets. She now has her freedom to do as she pleases, as do I.


And the program is still on her phone.. :devil:

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