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Usd No Longer Accepted In Burma


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I heard that when bans were lifted on exporting to Burma that many started to import from all over the world which is why about half of the cars on the road are left hand drive and the rest right hand drive

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Burma ... as a former UK colony ... drove on the left, as did the entire arc of countries from Pakistan through Singapore, Indonesia, Oz and Middle Earth. Then Ne Win changed that and Burma is the "odd man out" that drives on the right, Froggish style (like VN, Cambodia, and Laos).



<< Vehicles in Burma drive on the right-hand side of the road, but the majority of cars feature right-hand steering columns, leading to safety concerns because drivers’ vantage point is farther from oncoming traffic than it would be if the cars were left-hand columned. The steering wheel’s location is particularly inapt when drivers are attempting to overtake another vehicle.


As well as addressing a safety hazard, the policy, if implemented, would phase out one of the more bizarre legacies of Burma’s former military regime: Dating back to the invention of the automobile, drivers in Burma had driven on the left-hand side of the road, until Gen. Ne Win overnight ordered the traffic laws changed in 1970. Ever since, cars have driven on the right side of the country’s roads, but imports continued for decades to be fitted to the former traffic orientation.


No official explanation was ever given by the late dictator, and popular lore has it that the notoriously superstitious general was advised by his astrologer that the country had moved too far left politically. >>






p.s. Wouldn't it make more sense just to switch back to driving on the left?

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