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Passing Of A Board Member.


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sayjann wrote those insanely long and funny trip reports. i thought they were both annoying and intriguing. yeah.


will definitely miss him. sorry we never met sir.


for some fucking strange reason reason this song springs to mind. i ain't gonna fight it or try and explain it


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As I just wrote elsewhere, I never met Chris, but we communicated privately a few times. As sibling pilgrims journeying through our separate but similar maelstroms of alcohol-related disappointments and disasters, we had much to discuss, but our posts, certainly his, were always positive and never dark or despairing. I've managed somehow to get to a territory of control again; Chris, perhaps it now seems, didn't make it back into the saddle completely?


I dunno. He was a good man. I thought of him as a friend I'd yet to meet. I hoped I would meet him one day, but now it seems I won't. I'm truly shocked and saddened to hear he is taken far too soon.


jack :help:

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