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"forgery Gang"

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It could just as well be Norwegian.





I concur, Ditlefsen is primerally a Noge Family name . maybe Danske


As a layperson the suffix SEN. Jensen, Nielsen, Hansen etc to me is Norway or Denmark where as Sweden is more SON as in Andersson, Johnsson, karlsson Nilsson etc is Swedish


The suffix SEN and SON in Scandinavian Surnames are patronymic as in son or Daughter and since Alholk is from Scandinavia he was being polite in dying SEN is NOT Swedish


I have nearly had my lights punched out on more than one occasion for hearing a names "Ol Cern" and writing down Olsen instead of Olson "I AM Swedish Not a Norgie" haha.


Laypersons guide to Scandinavia if it is -SEN ask if Norway or Denmark if -Son Sweden or Finland

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