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Why Humans Should Bully Driverless Cars

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Can they be programmed to take out obnoxious cyclists?

i'm a cyclist, no lycra i hasten to add.....anyhoo, car drivers piss me of when i cycle.....and cyclist piss me of when i drive. i get no peace.

For babes!  

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why sell cars that can exceed the speed limit? seriously, why??


Speed limits are arbitrary. Taking NZ for example, when we used to have a 80 mph limit (loooong time ago) then later (and with metrification) it was changed to 100km/h (62 mph).


Before the change the driver who did 80 mph was not a criminal, after the change, he was, (obviously ladies did not drive or if they did they never went fast), and, the change was for safety.


So criminality was decided by an arbitrary change in law and so was safety.


Bit like drink drive alcohol limits. These have now got so strict here that one is stupid to have two drinks and then drive as the local coppers will ping you for - wait for it - drunk driving. That the number of deaths on our roads is about the same as ever, before the lowering of the limits and after, doesn't matter.


That's why they make cars that go faster, because laws that limit the behaviour of all, so as to police the behaviour of a few, are not necessarily the reason that most people exist.

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