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Gov’T Approves 10-Year Visas For Foreigners Over 50

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BANGKOK — Affluent foreign residents over 50 will soon be able to apply for 10-year visas, a government spokesman said Tuesday.


Intended to promote Thailand as a hub for medical services, the policy was approved by the interim cabinet on Tuesday, according to spokesman Athisit Chainuwat.


It would replace one-year renewable visas and come in two installments of five years each, Athisit said. It was not immediately clear when the plan would be implemented.


Applicants must either earn a monthly salary of at least 100,000 baht or have more than 3 million baht in their bank account, which cannot be withdrawn within the first year after receiving the visa. They must also have health insurance that covers hospital stays and provides at least USD$10,000 in annual coverage.


Visa holders will still have to check in every 90 days with the Bureau of Immigration, Athisit said.


Applicants for the visa are expected to be foreigners who live in provinces such as Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Chonburi, the spokesman added.




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It is. It is insulting I find. Like having to meet your parole officer.




We have something in common. After all these years I still find it repulsive to report every 90 days as if I'm a criminal...

Wife thinks I should get used to it, I've tried, I've tried hard but in the end I can't...

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Myself, the worlds biggest pessimist am rather optimistic about this if it ever happens.


The 90 day reporting is nothing new, it has always (AFIK) been in place so not a negative per se, personally I would like the 90 days lifted upon presentation of Chanoot and Tabian Baan, like come on I own the place not as if I am likely to fuck off now is it.


Why THB3M in the Bank, again property is worth more, why not accept Land Registry Office valuation of property for the THB3M, if I was short of $85K I would just remortgage said property. DOH!


Personally to live in Thailand full time I would require THB1M per annum to be comfortable, not affluent but comfortable, far from being able to retire at present, still cranking up the Baht Machine.


Over 50 CHECK (Unfortunately)

Health Insurance CHECK

THB3M+ in Thai Bank CHECK


So Basically, myself personally does not need to jump through hoops/limbo dance under poles to meet said requirements, the standard has been set at a level I can meet, and about bloody time.


I am not affluent, far from it, but also not skint, just wanna live my life with my wife in a home we have purchased with less restrictions and as such I welcome this change.

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The 90-day probation officer report began around 2000 or so. I remember my department head at Thammasat asking why we had to do it, since we had a proper visa and WP and signed in at work every day. At first we could fill out the forms and have the department "gopher" who took care of such things for the Farangs go to Din Daeng for us. I'd give him the taxi fare and enough money for lunch. About a year later Immigration decided that we had to appear in person ourselves.


As I understand it, the requirement was actually meant for expat employees of private companies, not for government employees or retirees. But Immigration likes to make up the rules as they go. I don't really see much of an advantage in a 10 year visa, since you still have to report every 90 days. As it is now, we just renew our annual visa on one of those reports. It's bad enough having to tie up 800,000 baht in a visa account, so why would you want to tie down 3,000,000?


This really sounds like little more than Thaksin's "Elite Card" under a new name, and you know how well that lead balloon went over.

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Why would I want to tie down THB3M


It is $85K for 12 months at the massive interest rates on savings being 0.25% if lucky looking at $212.50 return on such if 0% in Thailand I get 0.1% so that is $85 income. So $120 lost interest for a 10 year visa work it out less then ten Baht per day over one year, not exactly a bank breaker.


The proposed change does not affect existing rules, the 40K / 400K for Marriage , 80K / 800K for retirement still remain for a 12 month visa if one wishes to take such.


They are not saying one need to be over 50 THB3M in the bank and health insurance for a visa, they are saying if one is over 50, has over THB3M and good health cover one can apply for a 10 year visa. it is an extension to existing requirements not a clamp down.


As I previously stated I meet the criteria, I don't have to do anything more like "Here ya go kong, thou is an old fart who has a few bob and takes care of health insurance, how would one like a ten year visa?" Spot on in my eyes.


They are not proposing to change the rules to make it more difficult for existing visa holders to renew current visa's just merely expanding the options to those of us who meet the criteria and what is the problem with that?


Am I an asshole or bigoted for welcoming such a proposal, no way, but I appreciate how they are now considering people in my position. I am a nobody bottom line, home owner, bill payer supports local economy via usage and purchases as is my want.


If one wants more than THB3M in the Thai bank be prepared to fight a divorce battle such as I did (has chuckle to oneself)


As I said.


Not asking anymore on existing but offering over and above existing for those that comply with requirements.


Am I a cunt for meeting such? OK call me a cunt for complying with the new rules, I can't help whom I am, I just get of my arse and earn a few $ if TH Government wishes to acknowledge my support to one of their citizens then so be it


If this proposal comes to fruition it is not a "one must have" but a "If one has" to meet criteria., its what i wish for


Anything which makes my life easier is good by me

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"It is $85K for 12 months..."


That's if you can trust them not to change it. The retirement visa started with 400,000 baht, then doubled to 800,000. Originally, you could also use the value of a condo you owned instead of money in a bank, but that option quickly vanished. At first you could live off the money and top it up just a day or two before you renewed your visa. Then somebody decided you needed to have 800,000 in the bank for at least 3 months before your renewal. I started with my money in the university coop. After a couple of years, Immigration decided that wasn't good enough and I had to transfer it to a private bank.


Right now it says the 3 million cannot be withdrawn during the first year. How long before that would be changed to leaving the entire amount there? With Immigration the rules can change at any time without warning.


As you said, anything that makes life easier. But making our lives easier is the last thing that Immigration thinks about.

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