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Summer Fishing In Middle Earth


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  • 1 year later...

SO it's fishing time again:

Thursday 4 October

On the water at sparrow's fart, and a beautiful dawn it was too.

I caught and released about 17 Snapper, the biggest was 27 cm. So no Snapper for dinner. I did take a Conger Eel.
I may have posted about my preferred method of dealing with Congers, which is to put 'em on a stringer and slash the throat, leaving them in the water to bleed out and not cover me and the Kayak with slime.

So the Eel is in the water, bleeding out and - Shark Shark Baby!

I noticed a triangular fin about 10 cm tall, zig zagging it's way up the current towards me. I quickly realised it was tracking the blood in the water as it cruised back and forth across the current, gradually zeroing in on the Conger in the water. 

Then the fin got about 30cm tall! Shit and derision, that got the adrenalin flowing! As the shark got closer it started to speed up and it was clearly in 'hunting' mode.

At this point I decided to boat the Eel as I didn't want to find out what a large shark would do at the side of my kayak, when attacking the Eel. It was a Bronze Whaler and it was clearly visible to me, as it ranged about the Kayak looking for the source of the blood. Luckily I had the scupper plugs in, so no more blood got in the water and after a few minutes, the Shark lost interest and left. 

Whilst the Shark was there, I did get an estimation of the size and as it drew abeam, it was easily more than half the length of my Kayak, the 'yak is approx 13 feet, this makes the shark 7~8 ft long, and it was a fatty too.

Well that was a thrilling encounter, made my day that did. I'm just pleased it was such a benign encounter, despite the speed and hunting mode of the shark.  :D


Saturday 6 October

No fish today but - I spent 30 minutes hanging out with this baby Fur Seal. This time I got photos.





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