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I'am Back In Sin-City - Pattaya

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I have been several weeks in Laos - Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang etc.


Took the night train from Nong Khai to Krung Thep and arrived at Hualampong this morning (14.2.2017) at 6 am.

A Thai friend - the F5-Pilot - was waiting for me and we went to Lam Luk Ka (north of Bangkok) where we spent several hours together in the house of our common friend, the pilot of The Royal Thai Airways, who has arrived with his plane from Frankfurt the night before.

Chatting, laughing, drinking away the morning hours. Great time.

We talken in German and Thai, by the way.


Then we left our common buddy and drove to Pattaya.

Arrived around 2.30 afternoon, checked in our hotel Second Road on the level of Soi 7.

Afterwards we took the Bahtbus to Soi 6.

Nothing special, very quiet. Many girls, hardly any customers.

My Soi 6 girls - they all seem to be no longer there. What a pity!


We left Soi 6 and strolled the beach promenade up to height Soi 7.

It was wonderful. A light onshore wind brought some cooling.

I enjoyed every step and breathed the sea air with great pleasure.

There was not much going on on the deckchairs.

My impression: for the high season not many tourists.


We returned to our hotel through Soi 7 and took a nap. We have been very tired.

Now – 8 pm evening we start our barhopping.

Girls – we are coming! That is a promise and a threat at the same time 55555555


live from Pattaya – 14. February 2017 – 8 pm

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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YES! My left hand had much fun.The left hand that remained after my stroke.


Two girls in the "Sexy Girls a GoGo" bar in Soi 8 had the facilities, the equipment I love so much.

Boobies as big as cabbages were the objects of my pleasure. And they were real!

There is a girl - perhaps 24 years,Lady Dao - relatively tall, sturdy, voluptuous, full-figured, with some meat on her bones.


When you like that kind of women then go there and have fun. She is lush, seductive, erotically appealing.

In my heyday I would have fucked her seven times in a long time. Enjoying her fantastic female flesh.

Her meat is of world class quality.

She is barfined very seldom. She is always in her bar. You will recognize her at once when you see her.

Go for fun! Go for female flesh and big boobies. Be a haptic type, and get horny like 7 sailors.

But go there only, when you like that kind of girls.

And you must be a strong guy when you want to handle her, and be sure she will make you happy.


When you are a nice guy, likeable and pleasant to deal with, you can have her for 2500 Baht long time.


live from Pattaya – 15. February 2017 – 4 pm

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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Barhopping in the LK Metro


My Thai friend and me had a great time in the gogo bars of LK Metro.


All LK Metro gogos are mainly visited by white farlangs. There is one exception: Ninja

Men in retirement age dominate. They overwinter in Pattaya.

Young or middle aged guys are in the minority.



The name says it all. Ninja, like the samurai, belong to the best-known figures of ancient Japan.

A Ninja is a specially trained fighter of pre-industrial Japan who was used as a spy, intelligence agent, saboteur or assassin.

That is the reason why our Japanese friends come here. Here they feel at home.

Farlang guests also get lost here because they can probably do nothing with the name.

So they enter the bar and look with astonishment at the present Japanese guys.

A lot of nice girls.



A small narrow bar. About 15 girls.

The girls wear a kind of brace on their wrist, on which their number is printed.

Some girls dance naked, others in a bikini.

There is a wonderful lady, 31 years, a funky, lunatic figure, miraculous big boobies, a sexbomb.

It is the number 2. Go for her! She is fun.

Don't know how much she wants for long time.

We had a great time with her chatting, flirting, laughing.



When we entered the bar, I saw her immediately. A sweet 24 year old girl from Udon Thani.

Beautiful face, radiant, laughing, always good mood, and then these wonderful gigantic boobies.

Oh my goodness.


When her dance shift was over we asked the mamasan whether this girl can sit with us.

I pointed to the girl with my left hand and the extended index finger.

The mamasan asked with an amused wide grin: "The girl with the big milk?"



In general:

Otherwise this bar is a little bit boring with average girls.

But in every bar you can find a gem.



I must stop now. Time is tight.

There is more to come.


live from Pattaya – 16. February 2017 – 19.25 pm

Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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In the Jony bar


We left the LK Metro and headed the Buakhao north, toward the hotel.

We actually wanted to go to the "Sexy Girls a GoGo" in the Soi 8. My Thai friend had hooked up with a nice girl the evening before.

I wanted the girl with the big boobies.


After a few steps we heard live music from a bar. It must have been the JONY bar. My friend liked the music and the band. So we climbed the two steps, sat down on two free bar stools, immediately surrounded by a few girls. And there she was, the girl, who was supposed to kiss and hug me in the next few hours. And she also had something to grasp in the front, lush buds, big and firm. Her boobies were real, no plastic. The music in the background, the girl in arm, and the beer kept on coming. Everything was fine.

At about 2.30 pm, we both – drunk like two lords – stumbled home.


Nasiadai - Bakwahn

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Classic stuff, a big Bravo!


"Go for fun! Go for female flesh and big boobies. Be a haptic type, and get horny like 7 sailors."


TAT need this as the new Pattaya slogan. Nothing says it better.

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While the big majority of the esteemed members of this board in the meantime decided to switch their activities towards gardening and collecting stamps I may proudly repeat my earlier statements that the ambassadors of true romance and passion do not originate from Italy , Spain , Latin America and such but from the Federal Republic of Germany . Obviously . Whether this materialises in boob-squeezing or shagging ladyboys bareback is of minor significance only , it is the determination that matters .

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