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Africa was the one continent I've never been until last year. All others ticked off my box exception being Oz if we want to say its a continent. I visited Ghana, always wanted to for a variety of reasons. No fun per se.



I have heard Kenya is the Thailand of Africa. The good and bad is, its easy to get a woman the bad is its now a top spot for kiddie diddlers. Lots of Brits and Euros going there to get with kids. I also hear that a surprisingly high percentage of the local female population in the capital are in the sex game.



At least 5 people in the last 3 months have told me Uganda is a must. That the capital is a top club spot. They party and club non stop there.



Although its technically a moslem nation arabs and moslems I know say the women there are easy...very easy.


Any advice? Its a huge continent.

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hahah - just a bit,


Ghana is more like Thailand I find that Kenya. In Ghana I can walk through the slums to get to a little reggai bar on the beach, people friendly, good clubs too.


East Africa, Kenya, is far less colourful than west africa, Ghana etc. I had a mate who looked after aids kids in a slum, she was forever fighting off bandits.


I don't go through slums in Kenya


When it comes to wild life, Kenya is great, some amazing national parks, also Tanzania.


Uganda is ok, great women, but mad as can be, but some stunners,


Stunners all over Africa,


Overall I really like Africa, I've lived in a few places there,


Ethiopia is good too, bit weird getting used to lack of oxygen but some stunning women, easy to meet too.


Central Africa I avoid - another member here was posted there for long lengths of time, brave man, fun guy too, but I doubt he'd go there voluntarily ,

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Back in my Peace Corps days, the two top countries among volunteers were Kenya and Thailand. They had the highest percent of volunteers extending beyond the basic two years. Ironically, I originally started training for Kenya. However, I dropped out because it was as an agriculture vol.and I know fanny adams about agriculture. I learned that after I'd broken the ice, 9 more trainees went in and resigned. Only two in the group had any ag background, and it didn't help any that training was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (a great place to be learning Swahili).

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Heading to Nairobi next Friday for a week to check it out. I did some reading and its not good in terms of safety but I want to go and see wildlife (literally and figuretively). Meeting up with a young lady there as my "tour guide" wink wink.


May try for Senegal at some point as well other west African countries (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, The Gambia).

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