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Coral Reefs - A Question


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Hi all,


let's not get into the pro/anti global warming/change debate, this is just a question, for which I would be interested in seeing what views, there are.


And as there so many erudite and intelligent folk on this board, we may see come good ideas.


Back story: I've see several documentaries, about worthy people, re-establishing coral reefs by growing little bits of coral on, and then putting them back on reefs, that have been bleached or otherwise devastated by climate phenomena. A quick google sees quite a lot of people doing this. The doccos I've seen have been in the Philippines and the Maldives.


I'm not arguing whether or not the phenomena are man made. A temperature rise is, a temperature rise and acidification is, acidification.


My question is. If there's a reef,that has been bleached or otherwise devastated by climate phenomena, why would putting healthy coral there, not devastate said coral?


A bit like, you've got a field that has poison grass in it that kills cows, why would you grow some cows elsewhere and then put 'em in the poison field?


So views on the coral question please, the cow question, is rhetorical.






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