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Pattaya Is Drowning In The Rain

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This is a re-translation from my Germen text, I wrote for a German board.


Pattaya in March 2017 - Saturday, March 18, 2017.


We wanted to go to the beach at Beach road between Soi 7 and Soi 8 this morning.

However: it began absolutely bucketing down .

Again and again lighter rainfall and short showers.

Now - it is around 2 o'clock pm. - still thick gray clouds and from time to time a few rain drops.


It is obviously you cannot rely on the weather here no more.

The rule of thumb states: from November to April approximately dryness, followed by the rainy season the end of October.

This rule no longer seems to apply. This rule seems to be out of force. Do you understand my poor English?

I remember the first half of January 2017.

The entire south drained in the rain,





Here is a picture showing the area of Surat Thani.



South of Hua Hin, an important bridge has been partially rinsed, and almost all traffic, including the train, has been interrupted for several days.

These weather instabilities seem to concern only the parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia, which lie directly on the water, on the seas. So on the Gulf as well as on the Andaman Sea. On the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.


There seems to be stable weather for the entire mainland as before.


I do not spend time with my girl as planned on the beach, but in the restaurant of our hotel.



Khun Sanuk, Marcel, are you satisfies with my rubber skils?


Right now it is clear again and the sun shines again - 14.15 pm.


Bakwahn - Nasiadai

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I left Pattaya on Wednesday evening after two months with hardly any rain. Apparently I got out in the nick of time.

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Yo, Stickman. Visiting Thailand? :biggrin:


Being dutiful to the other half would perhaps be the best description. She does not like to visit Thailand alone, or perhaps it is more that she doesn't like me to be home alone with the sheep...

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