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Cowboy, A Quick Tour

My Penis is hungry

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Everyone knows my name, in Laos language not even Isaan


How odd, but every bar I popped into, hass someone who knew me 3,5,10,15 years ago. Yet of all the farangs I saw, only a few are the same.


Cactus. XXXX the manager is gone, I ordered Beer Laos, it came cold, as it should, so cold it has ice stuck on outside, the bar had that lovely smell of cat piss, some young cuties, which surprised me! Good black bikinis, good wigs. The old boxer I knew from boxing days is still there but looking a bit worse for wear. The original pierced nipple girl is still there. No longer a girl, not even a young lady, actually, bloody old,


After School. No YYY and no Champoo, but, the old man farang manager who washed glasses while I had a blow job once turning naughty boy corner into a 45 minute marathon was there! My masseuse is still there, also called Champoo. She remember me and gave me good massage and then hammer punched my back for 5 minutes, lovely. We spoke about XXX. She remembered my family. Sadly she has an awful bad infection in one eye.


Tilac. XXXXXX is now at his sports bar and rarely seen. But talk about a bar with big tits!


Sam 2000. Food hasn't changed. Beer Laos not cold enough. Kapaow Gai Kai Dow is brilliant


Older Couples are everywhere and groups of mixed young backpackers soulful in delight to be somewhere so file, vile.


Jungle Jim's. No faces I know. She is gone. There is a time limit on what you can do for your children. Do the rooms upstairs still exist


Suzie Wong. Same shows but no painting. My friend the spotter is there. Some good bodies one with a great tattoo. The lesbian show as always has all the enthusiasm of a colonic irrigation. Two lesbians licked away with the romance of a vacumm cleaner. Thankful their parts are clean now and looking for somewhere to spit. Thankfully I am not in Vietnam where spitting on the job is expected and he walk to the shower a mine field.


Crazy horse. Smells like bubble gum. Yummy. The Silly girls forgot to get dressed! They are noodle. Old days bar. With a lift. I love catching the lift. I stand by the lift just to catch it. It's tiny and being in a tiny lift with naked girls is just a obsession not shared enough. But the two floors have so many flashing lights I was minute's from a siezure. Need to drink more. I am alone, on a crowded bar of naked girls and women and hungry men. Some eating chicken wings. In the corner I spy the Petite Diablo Noir. His sad eyes dark, brooding and down caste. We smile, and I depart.


3500 baht, no fuck, just some friendly gropes and grinds.

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If he had it in him, he'd make a success of a Cactus/No Name, in a backstreet somewhere, known only to a clique, cheap rent, dubious women and even more dubious punters...

well, I met him last night, we agreed to meet on the Cactus terrace, he is now truely f@cked as he has no written contract and his 2 other partners shunned him out of his own business after 15 years.

last night the new terror mamasan was not there, so we moved inside, others joined, and he had a hell of a great time last night......and got totally drunk :)

his plans...... no final details yet, but a gentlemens club, naked gals, food, and a cosy floor to meet served by sexily dressed women.....

coming soon ? hopefully !



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