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Shipping A Box?


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. A part of radio set AN/FRC-93 Deployed in the tens of thousands all over SE Asia. I have a veritable "shed full" of similar and associated.


Hence your Board Name RM :)


You would have a field day in SRV (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) there are old Coffee Shops / Ice Cream Parlours / Bars just full of old sets going back to the AMERICAN War era, ne would think that one was transposed to Cold War Berlin aka Robert Ludlum Novel, it is freaking amazing

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Very interesting.

I heard from a contact about places where they stashed tons of kit. Containers buried out on the airfield at Vung Tau plus others. But given when that was it's likely all very dispersed by now anyway.

Some of the stuff is still very usable if properly restored. A bit like a nice 50's or 60's car in some ways.

I would be well interested in sourcing more of this stuff :) Maybe need to pop over and sweet talk a few coffee shop owners.


If they would just hurry up and get on with the new airport project there so I can maybe get a consulting contract for a couple of years that would be even better, heh heh!

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New Airport is in the South, Different Country Lad as is Vung Tau.


Joking aside one of the Coffee Shops I frequent is "Cold War Berlin", it is fucking amazing, the old Yazhu TX/RX sets 1960's headphones, reel to reel tape recorders the works,


It is a museum to the American War, the owners Grandfather waxes poetically about how they controlled the Ho Chi Minh Trail and organised the TET offensive via his radio shack.


It is a Goldmine for both a Radio enthusiast and a war historian, there are close on 90 Million people in this nation of course they speak

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