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Stickman Article: Hidden Cameras/thai Nightlife - And - Rise Of The Thai Vloggers

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What are moto taxi gangs for, if not to figure out who these guys are, track 'em down, and beat some sense into the fuckers?!


Makes me wonder if perhaps the bar/Plaza owners might see that there's a benefit greater than the risk to 'secret' video of nightlife flooding youtube - there's no such thing as bad publicity, they say.


In case we're taking a vote on this issue, I say anyone caught filming others in the nightlife world should have their gear taken, get a nice team-style Thai beatdown, and then be allowed to serve penance by changing linens and emptying garbage bins in short-time hotels for a few weeks, preferably in 'no-hands' style.


The problem is not videos in the bar area so much, it is videos inside the bars. A couple of months back a fellow uploaded a dozen videos, some quite lengthy, of video he had taken inside a number of big name gogo bars - about half in Nana Plaza as I recall. And you saw everything - and I mean EVERYTHING! It is not a stretch to say that if those videos had made it out in to the mainstream and picked up by Thais then those bars could have been ordered shut for good and the owners of the bars in deep pooh pooh. Of course, most things can be settled, but once it gets in to the mainstream and the backlash gets big, it's hard for the police not to do something, especially when it is framed as foreigners taking advantage of Thais!

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