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@coss we met and had a rather pleasant conversation as I mind it. I will meet anybody on this forum, that is if you can squeeze me into an empty page of your diary.


Face eludes me for the moment, Im not in BKK much at all these days, but who knows one of these days, there'll be tom toms and other percussion, well in advance, I'm sure.



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I"m a surgeon - a notable one, with rock steady hands, yet I'm an highly functioning alcoholic. A lot of people find it very hard to believe I can be both, but it is true.


I live multiple lives, in the sense that noone could ever divine one from the other.


Sorry but your post was really obnoxious so I have to say:


#1 Who cares?


#2 Generally most addicts deceive them selves masterfully.


#3 Now I understand your posts! Thanks for the edification.




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