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Hugh Hoy Coming To Town!


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Hi guys....really sad that I can't make it tomorrow....still recovering from Kong's 40th....555555....Farrrrkkkk is it that long ago....gettin' old Bro


Cav...please pass on my very best wishes to Tom


Hope you guys have a really great day....have 1 or 3 for me


Cheers DS / DC

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DC / DS it really was over 13 years ago, scary isn't it OUCH!


But in retrospect mate, we are both still in Thailand, OK OK maybe I am not so much there at Present,only home about 8 weeks a year but not complaining, still earning, home is paid for like, just need a few more Baht banked until I can tell my paymaster to shove it hence the reason I am in Nam. WTF am I up to in Vietnam .. Making Money, nobody offers it on a plate for doing fuck all even as much as we wished they did.


It occurred this Millennium, if we were to repeat same for my 60th we will be OK since probably only 2-3 bars we visited back then are still open even now I may ge able to handle a 2-3 drinks now haha

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The stars and the moon had the correct alignment!


The Hugh Hoy meet up was completed!!



Soi Biker

Lizard King


Hugh Hoy and his friend Mark


We all enjoyed a nice lunch at the Hillary 1.


Good food, good drinks and great company!!!


For most of us it has been some years that we have assembled....hope we can soon do it again...

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