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Hugh Hoy Coming To Town!


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I don't know what you mean, Moi? Sweet Innocent Me getting up to those tricks haha hell yes, life is too short to be serious about it .


Bradmans Suk Son 23 ... thats where it took place upstairs back table where a lot of bullshit has been spewed over the years, mostly from you.


dddave sort of looked at the offending object as if it where a Stool Sample and nearly OUAK when I proceeded to sample it oh happy days must be neigh on ten years back now coz I remember getting back into BKK from Sri Racha before it happened and I have not worked there since mid 2008.


What tickled me was the fact dddave remembers the incident after all these years and I do believe hence that time he has never said to anyone "I may be late SAVE ME A STOOL"

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