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Legal Considerations For My Girlfriend To Learn To Drive A Car

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Tuesday my driving student girlfriend drove around our village with me in the front seat for about an hour -it was the most stressful hour in recent memory. I was preparing to deal with her disappointment when she failed butI was stunned to see that she passed her tests at the driving school yesterday and will pick up her license on Monday. She cannot safely drive around the block with cars parked on the street yet she is licensed to drive. Stunned, I tell you.

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You mean the driving school can issue her license? That might be a good way to avoid the mob at the license bureau in Bangkok.


Yes. And for a small fee they took care of the medical certificate. The only test the performed that was related to her physical condition was to give her the reaction test, which she retook a dozen times until she finally passed. The driving school also does annual inspection of the car and motorbike and do the running around to get the licenses for me. It is a nice service, especially since they are less than a kilometer from home.

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Flash, the video you posted made my blood boil. No seat belt, light flashing all the way, didn't signal.. It's another precursor to the minivan on the flyover incident..

I hope someone notes the background and tracks down the errant parent who is the real culprit here.



They got the papa. I think he was let off with a warning and the kid was ordered to stop driving. TIT


From the look of it, the father must have been in the back seat, where he couldn't even have grabbed the wheel if he'd needed to!

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I have provided my services to instruct a few Thais as how to drive.


In all cases, they have trouble multitasking all the activities that a driver must do:


defensive driving

checking other vehicle positions via the mirrors

not tail gating

going straight down the road and not like a snake


I sit in the front with my hand on the emergency brake, ready to apply it, as more then once

I had to slam on the emergency brake!


Every time there was an incident, it was never the driver's fault...

....and one individual actually attended a Thai driving school and had a license!!!

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Re: Flash.. Good, but they should have done something that would make him suffer - like taking away his car keys for a busy school week..


Cav.. slightly off topic, but many locals in my former place of employment had difficulty with a single task! To get around the 'it's not my fault' or 'sweep it under the carpet - he won't find out' attitude I imposed one rule. If something it not right and you tell me, it becomes my responsibility. However, if I find out you've been hiding things, I'll nail you to the wall. All this explained in their own language so there would be no mistake or misunderstanding.

It worked a treat..

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Defensive Driving


If I had my way everyone should spend 12 months on a Motorcycle before being allowed to drive 4 Wheels, the loosest nut in a car is the one holding the steering wheel.


Race track analogy is good, not sure if still valid but I happen to have an International "Racing Licence" I used to do Road Racing on Motorcycles ... sky, ground, sky, ground OUCH and bit of Rallying Bollox Motorsport sure way to haemorrhage money more than kids. Did I ever tell you how I remortgaged the house to do my "Last TT" crashed the bike, lost the house and she divorced me, Happy Days, and that is why I ended up in Thailand.


I don't drive anymore, too much hassle and expense, prefer to pay someone else to do it, OK I have a Car and Driver in Vietnam, pretentious twat I am (perk of the job) but if I wish to go to Ha Noi or Ha Long bay I drop him a few $ extra simple as that. Similar when home in Bangkok. walk to top of the soi and flag down a taxi, if he doesn't want the fare no problem there will another driver who does within 20 Seconds, no skin off my nose.


Taxis not taking me used to piss me off but the Mrs has taught me "Jai Yen arai gor dai, mai bpen rai, som nam na" Stay Cool, Whetever., no Problem followed up with the insult of "Som nam Na"


Som nam na, I love that phrase, probably the first Thai I Learned way back when, taken me years to suss it out, tried to over complicate things and think of it as "Tough Shit or "Your Problem" but it is what they say "Water in Your Face" as simple as that.

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