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Bangkok Taxi Video


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Very cringing video. He's lucky to be alive still in my opinion. I've seen it happen before and it isn't pretty - they'll tolerate you and then they snap. They usually keep a crowbar, or something like that - an equalizer. Also Thai's are very quick when they decide you've crossed that invisible line. They will kill you just like that in a blink of an eye and be entirely fatalistic about it - a bad demon got in my cab so naturally I had to slay it. I watched as much of that video as I could stand. Even if you can't talk Thai - the guy clearly wanted him out of the cab. I hope this guy is reading this - because if you continue this behavior you'll be dead within a fortnight.

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Only just watched the video. This guy is a total moron. Sure, he might be exposing bad taxi behavior, but if he keeps this up he'll be in hospital or dead soon. Live streaming will not be a deterrent to a person if he pisses them off enough.


For those who don't speak Thai, the driver wanted to take him to the police station, but someone on the other end of the line (friend, boss, co-worker?) kept telling them that it would just be a waste of time.



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I see the knob has comments disabled on his Youtube Post so people such as I can't tell him what an utter prick he is being.


As Scooby Snacks said, move on plenty of Taxis in BKK


There is an ongoing case at present between a self centred Thai individual and Lion Air, she and her mother went to catch a flight to Singapore, since her mother had less than 6 Months Validity left on her Passport they refused to issue a boarding card, The said Thai want ballistic and to make matters worse Videoed her outrage and Posted on Twitter and Facebook.


Mrs told me she had been arrested for "Farming" farming I said, just how does one carry out Kasikorn at an airport, did she drive a tractor or march a couple of kwai to check in desk ... I had to think long and hard about this then it twigged, our lass meant "Deformation" as in "Deformation Of Character" a serious offence under Thai Computer act, THB500,000 and/or 5 years in Jail


And if the Taxi driver caught wind of this Video he could take out a Private Prosecution against the person who made / posted it for "Farming" hehe "Deformation of Character"


Gotta love working out what she is trying to say sometimes, if I was that good all discussions would be in Thai, but I still have this image of someone herding a couple of Kwai to Lion Air Check In Desk to commit "Kasikorn"

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All joking aside. If you're prepared to throw your life away - can't you do it pursuing something more noble - like I don't know - maybe going in to Myanmar to get news out of the genocide going on there? Or infiltrating the human slavery networks in the golden triangle. I mean sweet Jesus, to die what will inevitably be a violent death defending being overcharged by a couple of dollars just completely boggles my mind.

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