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Thailand Ranked Among The Cheapest Places To Buy A Beer


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A new study has ranked Thailand among the cheapest countries in the world to buy a beer.



The study, carried out by UK based FX comparison site Travelex, who produced an International Beer Index for 2017, looked at the average price of half a litre of beer in 32 countries which are popular holiday destinations for British holidaymakers.


The study ranked Thailand in 6th place, where the average price of a beer was found to be Bt60.


The cheapest country to buy a beer was found to be Bulgaria, followed by Czech Republic and Hungary which were in 2nd and 3rd.


The most expensive country to buy a beer was found to be the United Arab Emirates where the average price of a beer will cost you AED 40 - approximately Bt362!


Ten Cheapest Places to Buy a Beer (based on per 0.5 litre draft).


1) Bulgaria/BGN Lev 2.00 (£0.97)

2) Czech Republic/Koruna 30.00 (£1.07)

3) Hungary/Forint 350.00 (£1.09)

4) Mexico/MXN Peso 25.00 (£1.15)

5) Portugal/Euro1.50 (£1.35)

6) Thailand/Baht 60.00 (£1.45)

7) South Africa/Rand 25.00 (£1.55)

8) Poland/Zloty 7.00 (£1.56)

9) Jamaica/JM$ 250.00 (£1.61)

10) Barbados/Bda$ 4.00 (£1.65)


Ten Most Expensive Places to buy a beer (based on per 0.5 litre draft)


1) United Arab Emirates/AED 40.00 (£8.81)

2) Norway/Krone 80.00 (£7.61)

3) Switzerland/CHF 7.00 (£5.81)

4) Sweden/S Krona 60.00 (£5.62)

5) Denmark/Krone 45.00 (£5.50)

6) Finland/Euro 5.80 (£5.23)

7) Republic of Ireland/Euro 5.00 (£4.50)

8) France/Euro 5.00 (£4.50)

9) Australia/AU$ 7.00 (£4.24)

10) Canada/CA$ 6.00 (£3.60)


Another study carried out by Travelex earlier this month also ranked Thailand as the best destination for Brits travelling on a budget, the Daily Telegraph reported.


According to the study, Travelex found that Brits could travel for 44 days in Thailand on just £500, spending around £11.43 per day, approx Bt487.


A day’s spending was judged as three meals, four soft drinks, two beers, a coffee, and two journeys on public transport each day.


Thailand came in at 1st place with 44 days, considerably longer than Mexico in 2nd place, where Brits could stay for 26 days £500.


Top 10 cheapest countries (based on how long £500 would last)


1 Thailand, 44 (days)

2 Mexico, 26

3 Jamaica, 25

4 Bulgaria, 23

5 Czech Republic, 23

6 Hungary, 22

7 Poland, 22

8 Turkey, 22

9 South Africa, 18

10 Portugal, 17



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Although the Swedish price given is close to average I seldom pay more than 30-40 SEK (2.7 -3.6 GBP). I live in Stockholm where cheap bear is easier to find than out in the country. On the other hand foreigners who come here would most likely not find the local bars I frequent. There are also posh bars that are much more expensive. E.g. good luck getting a beer for 60 SEK at Arlanda airport.

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My price of Vietnam / VND 7,500 (£0.25) per 0.5 Litre is at the Local "Bia Hoi" street side bar sat on little plastic stools


For Air Con Comfort I will pay Vietnam / VND 15,000 (£0.50) for "Bia Ha Noi" or if feeling affluent will push the boat out and pay Vietnam / VND 20,00 (£0.65) for Sai Gon Special, both 330ml Bottles.


I have been over here nearly 4 years now and the price has remained unchanged in all that time. I am in a New City / Economic Zone and the price is fixed by the Government ... Gotta Love Communism in fact the only thing I have noticed is the demise of the VND 500 (£0.0175) Note, the smallest not is Vietnam / VND 1,000 (£0.035). Buying Canned Beer from Shop or Supermarket is VND 9,000 (£0.315) per can.


Not Just beer, imported Smirnoff Vodka VND 70,00 (£2.40) for 700mL Bottle, my tipple is "Screwdriver" (Vodka and Orange) I pay more for the Orange Juice, Imported Marlboro Lights VND 25,000 (£0.85) per packet, eating at home my grocery bills is less than VND 6,000,000 (£205.00) for me and my wife.


I have lost count of the number of counties I have Lived / Worked in during my lifetime, must be well over 30, and I have never known anywhere as cheap as my little New City in Rural Vietnam.

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how many people make their travel plans based on the cost of beer?


More than you would imagine.


Suadum (when he was around) and I often discussed the "Subway Factor" that is to sat how long did one have to work to afford a Footlong or the Number of Footlong Per day you could afford. OK this is more applicable to people on overseas assignments than vacation.


It maybe Subway's, Big Macs, price of a beer etc, etc . Totally without Scientific Foundation but believe it or not it gives you an idea of the Cost of Living overall in any given country.


In the UK I would be paying £3.50 per Bottle of Beer in Pub, 7 x the Price here, £8.50 for a pack of Smokes, 10 x the price etc in fact I have just moved house and paid VND 1,500,000 for my ANNUAL Subscription for Satellite TV that is £51.50 per annum, less than a Quid per week for which I can watch EVERY English Premier League Football Game (all shown live and available on catch up) Plus selected Spanish, German, French and Italian League Games, all the European Football and all International Games. I am sure in the UK it would cost more than £51.50 per month with less games available. so that is 12 x more expensive.


OK, I drink too much, smoke too much watch too much football and eat a lot, so what it is what I enjoy, but I can Guarantee that all my Annual Outgoings in Vietnam (Booze, Tabs, Food, Dining Out, Utilities etc) I would be hard pushed to survive 2 months on in the UK, or many other places for that matter., and that is The "Subway (or beer) Factor.





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A few will be familiar with the "Brown Bottle" in PNG




Actually a pretty good drop. South Pacific Brewery has been making beer for 60 years but now owned by Heineken

Sells for 8 Kina a bottle or around US$2.50 Average wage in PNG is 2 Kina an hour. So 4 hours hard labor to got to the local for one beer.

Probably why so many chew betel and drink home brew. Also probably explains why so many are just plain loopy. Often a bad brew will kill all that consumed it.

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That's 3 they missed... how many more errors in this survey? I guess that's what happens when you get your data off the internet instead of doing a bit of footwork.



" ... the average price of half a litre of beer in 32 countries which are popular holiday destinations for British holidaymakers."



I wonder what countries are on that list. :hmmm:

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