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Yingluck On The Run?

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Yes, she's sure to get a fair trial in Thailand . . . . . . .



Just as fair as the opposition would get if she were in charge. Justice is "flexible" in Thailand. :cool:



p.s. She took the Red Bull Express.


"Let's just say the powers that be gave her the green light to go," said a source close to the upper echelons of power in Thai politics. "If she had been convicted or jailed it would have caused more trouble and social unrest, so letting her leave was considered the best option," the source added.







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Police confirm Yingluck fled as pressure mounts


Abhisit casts doubt on govt efforts, warning that judicial system at stake.


POLICE yesterday confirmed they had found evidence that former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra had fled the country as pressure mounted on the government regarding the “weak†investigation into her disappearance.


Authorities would proceed with revoking her passport only after the Supreme Court rules on her case, according to deputy police chief Pol General Srivara Rangsibrahmanakul. After Yingluck failed to appear in court last month, a second date of September 27 was set for the court to read the verdict, in which the ex-premier faces a possible 10-year jail term if convicted of criminal negligence related to her government’s previous rice-pledging scheme.


Srivara said police had found evidence in “Bangkok and upcountry†related to her disappearance on August 23. He declined to confirm whether the evidence involved a Toyota Fortuner, which was reportedly used in her escape. Police previously had declined to confirm that Yingluck was not in Thailand....





'Of course,' as an unnamed Police source said, 'we could not confirm that Ex Prime Minister Yingluck had fled, prior to today, as the requisite stand-down period, of instigating acknowledgement of facts, of 11 days, had not passed since the fleeing.'


'And any way, this one goes in the queue, behind that innocent Red Bull boy'

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