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Bad News, Guys


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It wasn't free. Thai Airways (like all airlines) keeps their simulators BUSY. For those odd hours when none of their pilots are doing recurrent training, and no other airline has bought time, they offer them to the public at 20,000 baht/hour. (Note: WORTH EVERY SATANG!!!) ...


That's an expensive ST! :neener:

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And to think if Specialist had not of joined us over 3 years ago for Sunday Brunch on Soi Convent there is a probability he would never have known about the Flight Simulator.



It gets worse. If I had not stumbled across you guys ten or more years ago, I would not have joined you for that Sunday Brunch.


I only stumbled over you guys because, a year or two earlier, I came to Bangkok to attend a basic hypnosis seminar.


And, for that matter, if I hadn't had to go to the loo in the course of the brunch, I would not have found the stack of brochures in the loo!


Or, if I'd had three brain cells to rub together that day, and had stayed in bed all day, recovering from the 8 AM arrival instead of the planned midnight arrival...


I use this as my example of the folly of career planning. You CAN'T plan for the weird events that wind up resulting in major changes to your life, ten or more years later.

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