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Angeles 2017 Info?


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I will be making a visit to Angeles area in a couple of weeks. Staying at the Midori Clark Hotel & Casino, ooh-er! Staying just 3 nights and much of that time will be in the company of a lady friend. Would like to hear about decent places for dinner and possible night time entertainment places that are a bit more upmarket than what my perception suggests might be just a bunch of low end places full of girls in bikinis. Need somewhere a decent woman will not feel out of place though at the same time can be a bit edgy. Professional woman, late 30's, managerial role, publicly very decent, privately a one woman fuckfest.


My knowledge of the Philippines is somewhat limited to a few months spent there some 25 years ago now and working with a lot of Filipinos more recently from whom I get the impression that Jollibee qualifies as fine dining and anywhere with redhorse is a bar but if its San Mig it's a nightclub.


As a guide with the sort of places in Bangkok I would consider okay, Wine Connection, Bourbon Street, Above 11, El Gaucho for restaurants.


After eating a trip to cowboy or patpong with outside drinking, would enjoy the atmosphere without having a bunch of gyrating T&A in the face. Would be fine for me but I think you get the point.


So, anyone up to speed on the place and likely options.




p.s. Are there any toy shops in Angeles?

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Toy 'toys' or sex 'toys'? For the latter, as you get on walking street near the entrance on the right there is a store that may have adult toys. There are malls, SM Clark near Walking Street will have the other kind of toys.


Upscale restaurants. If you don't mind being around the p4p area, the expensive hotels have fine dining. Century Park Tower, your hotel, Queens Hotel, Penthouse hotel.

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Thanks CS, yeah adult toys, the kiddie kind can get anywhere.


Just tried the hotel for an evening snack, hmm okay, I guess, certainly cheap but would expect better. Looks to me like this place caters largely to the Japanese, Korean and maybe a growing Chinese clientele. Unsurprising though a little disappointing, Anyway first night had other priorities and big smiles all round. So far so good.


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